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Skin Series: Combination Skin

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Caring for combination skin can often feel like negotiating a dispute between two disparate parties. While some parts of your face can feel as dry as the Sahara Desert, other parts of your face can also feel as slick as an oil spill. It often seems like there simply is no pleasing both sides. If that sounds all too familiar, you may have combination skin. With combination skin, your sebaceous glands are over-productive in some areas of the face, and potentially under-productive in other areas.

While caring for combination skin requires striking a perfect balance between the two, one golden rule remains true - cleanliness is next to godliness; this leads us to the first step of caring for combination skin.

Step 1: Cleanse your face in the morning before applying any skincare products. At night, double cleanse, especially if you wear make-up or SPF in the day. Simply use the same cleanser then rinse and repeat. 

Cleansing your face in the morning cleanses your skin of any impurities or oil produced overnight. You can’t paint on a dirty canvas and the same logic applies here - a clean face is more receptive to the products you apply on your face as it allows your products to be absorbed with less of a barrier entry.

While your morning cleansing ritual is an essentially fuss-free affair, your nightly cleansing ritual should be more of a full-on garden party. Not for naught, using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser is a very common skincare practice in Korea. The idea is that the oil-based cleanser dissolves and removes oil-based impurities with minimal effort. The water-based cleanser then works to remove remaining residue while gently casting away water-based impurities from your skin. You can also easily achieve clean skin by simply using the same cleanser to wash your face twice.

The double-cleanse operates on two founding principles: First, be kind to your skin. Like taking candy from a baby, it’s better to gently coax the dirt from your face using two steps rather than aggressively remove it in one. Second, thoroughly cleansing your face is often half the battle won in skincare (the other half is to keep your skin well hydrated - but more on that later). As always, use products that will do all this without stripping or irritating the skin.

Step 2: Tone your face to help rebalance your skin's natural pH levels.

Cleansing temporarily upsets the skin’s natural pH levels and a good toner will help to rebalance the skin’s pH while also gently removing excess dead skin cells. A balanced skin pH clear of dead skin leaves a better surface for serums and lotions to be absorbed, allowing you to achieve maximum results with your skincare regime. Our multi-tasking Molecular Saviour Toner Mist not only prepares your skin but also delivers an extra dose of antioxidants and probiotics that help to tighten pores, reduce irritation and reduce blemishes by 42.7% in 28 days.

Step 3: Apply serums targeted at treating your specific skincare concerns.

The serum step of your routine gives you the chance to deliver a personalised response to the polar opposite needs of your combination skin. Serums are specialised treatments that contain minute molecules targeted at specific concerns. This is a step where you can customise the application of different serums to address the dry areas as well as the oily areas of your face.

Step 4: The last step should be to moisturise your skin.

A moisturiser not only hydrates your skin, it seals in moisture. This is especially important for those with combination skin where certain areas of the face lack sufficient sebum production and generally also lack hydration. Moisturising shouldn’t feel like a chore and there are definitely some fuss-free yet potent formulations out there.

We believe all skincare products should be supercharged so we created our 1A leave-on masks. Our leave-on masks are designed to work like supercharged moisturisers that provide your skin with all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and happy. They’re called masks because they form a protective, breathable barrier against pollution (1A All-Day Mask) and dehydrating conditions like air-conditioning and cabin air (1A Overnight Mask).

In the day, try using products like our 1A All-Day Mask, which hydrates and protects. Not only does it form a breathable anti-pollution shield that repels external impurities, it also works to strengthen the skin’s delicate barrier. You can also use it over your eyes to de-puff and erase fatigue. Make sure to apply SPF after to put the finishing touch on your routine.

At night, after cleansing and toning, try using our 1A Overnight Mask (use on your eyes, lips and cuticles too). It works to nourish and repair your skin, reducing blemishes by 67.2% in 28 days, enabling your skin to truly wind down for the day.

Just remember caring for combination skin doesn’t have to feel like a daily struggle. Simply follow the steps above and you’re set!