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Fight the Haze with Allies of Skin's 1A All-Day Mask

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When you see that all too familiar cloud of smog begin to descend upon the usually sunny streets of Singapore, you know it’s that time of year again. The time of year when people begin stockpiling face masks and avoiding the great outdoors like the plague.

In times like this when we think of protecting ourselves from the haze, we instinctively think of the N95 face mask. But what about a face mask, in the most literal sense? A mask that works exclusively to shield the skin on your face from the haze and external pollutants.

As the largest organ of the body, it’s time to rethink the way we’ve been caring for our skin. In times of haze, in which mask can we trust to provide our skin with the protection it deserves? Our 1A All-Day Mask works to do just that.

The world’s first leave-on day mask, our 1A All-Day Mask is applied like a moisturiser to your face, forming a breathable, anti-pollution barrier that lasts all throughout the day to prevent smog, smoke, and haze particles from clinging onto skin. A mask in the true sense of the word. How often do you find a product that truly lives up to its name? Now that’s a mask.  


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