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Demystifying Your Evening Skincare Routine

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When it comes to skincare, true beauty literally is skin deep.

It’s no wonder then that the mechanics behind putting your best face forward has evolved into a global skincare industry worth billions of dollars.

From the elaborate 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine to natural skincare products free of parabens and other synthetic ingredients, taking care of your skin has developed into something of a delicate art form.

As a result, striking a balance between finding the right products and the right way to apply them can be confusing or even daunting for the uninitiated.

But not to fear, for your Allies are here.

Here’s your all-encompassing, step by step guide to taking your skincare regime to the next level.


Step 1: Cleanse

Cleanliness is next to godliness and we highly recommend the double cleanse as a surefire way to lift every single impurity from your pores.

Not for naught, using an oil-based cleanser first, helps to dissolve and remove oil-based makeup and SPF.

Following up with a water-based cleanser helps to remove residue and other water-based impurities.

While cleansing, don’t forget to massage your face in gentle, circular motions with your fingers.

This helps to loosen impurities from your face and also increases circulation, giving you that covergirl glow of fresh radiance. 


Step 2: Exfoliate

While we can’t shed our skin like some of our scalier friends in the wild do, we can exfoliate to remove dead skin cells.

Exfoliating up to two or three times a week for oilier skin types (click for our guide to caring for oily skin) helps unclog pores and prevent blackhead formation.

It also encourages skin turnover and renewal, uncovering brighter and fresher skin.


Step 3: Tone

This step is all about bringing some balance back into your life…well, skin.

We figure if you’re taking the time to read this guide, skin = life resonates with you as much as it does with us.

Cleansers are typically alkaline in nature and cleansing temporarily upsets the naturally acidic pH of your skin mantle.

Toning restores your skin’s pH balance and preps your skin for the absorption of skincare products.

Our Molecular Saviour Toner Mist™ works to rebalance your skin pH and also supercharge your skin with soothing antibacterials and restorative nutrients like Silk Amino Acids and two forms of Rose Oil.


Step 4: Serum

Think of this step as a chance for you to add your personal signature to your routine. Serums are concentrated formulas that address your unique skin condition - from skin brightening to fading pigmentation, or smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

They contain a higher concentration of active ingredients and are formulated with a smaller molecular weight.

This allows the active ingredients in serums to better penetrate the skin.

This is why as a rule, serums should be applied before moisturisers and leave-on masks. 


Step 5: Sheet Mask

For those of you who’d like to recreate the pampering experience of going to the spa in the comfort of your own home, using sheet masks are a convenient and affordable way to do so.

Using a sheet mask twice a week or thrice for dryer skin types (click for our guide to caring for dry skin), is a great way to deliver intense hydration and nutrients to your skin. Different masks for different folks, different sheet masks address different skin concerns. So rest assured that there’s a mask to suit everyone’s needs!

Sheet masks encourage maximum skin absorption as they come into direct contact with your skin delivering a concentrated dose of nutrients and moisture over an extended period of time.

To boost the effects of any sheet mask used, apply it on skin that’s still damp from toning (a facial mist will easily provide an additional dose of nutrients).

When fifteen minutes is up, remove the mask and wring it out to get an extra serving of essence that can be used on your neck and elbows (or anywhere on your body that needs moisturising).


Step 6: Eye Cream

Seeing as how your eyes are the window to your soul, it’s no wonder they get a step all to their own.

To apply, use your ring fingers and lightly tap the product around your eye area.  


Step 7: Moisturise

By now you’d think we’d be wrapping up this post rather than prolonging it, and in a way we’re almost there.

Moisturising is the final step in your routine and it seals in all the goodness from the products you’ve applied while also providing a final boost of hydration.

Packed with an abundance of cell-energising, reparative actives like Indian Ginseng and Pterostilbene, our 1A Overnight Mask™ not only serves as a great moisturiser, it also works while you sleep to boost skin immunity and accelerate skin cell renewal, giving new life to dull, sallow skin.

It’s also gentle enough to be applied around the eye area, so here’s to killing two birds with one stone. 

If you have a favorite facial oil, you can mix a few drops into your moisturiser or our 1A Overnight Mask™ for an effortless boost of skin repairing nutrients.

If you prefer to use it on its own, warm a few drops in the palm of your hands and press it on top of your moisturiser or leave-on masks as the last step.

As a rule, oil can penetrate your moisturisers but not the other way around.


The end of the day should be relaxing, and we like to think of this as the perfect fifteen-minute ritual for winding down – taking off all the bad and restoring all the good to your skin.

The best part is - we get to do it all over again the next evening.

While your end of the day skincare ritual can be soothing and relaxing, we understand if replicating all these steps at the start of your day can often have the opposite desired effect, especially for all you busy go-getters out there.

That’s why in our next post, we'll be sharing our ultimate cheat sheet for a fuss-free morning skincare routine.

Here's to happy skin!