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The 1A Overnight Mask was created because we believe that life's too short to not over-indulge. So party on, have another glass of champagne, go on that trip you've always wanted. We've got your back. 

Think of this leave-on mask as an intelligent reset button for your skin. At the core of it, a special form of encapsulated time-released Retinol that we call Ally-R TM that works without any of the traditional irritation. It treats everything from acne to wrinkles to loss of elasticity and sun damage. Effortlessness is one of the pillars on which Allies of Skin was founded on and in the true spirit of that, this leave-on mask allows you to attain all the benefits of Retinol without having to go to a doctor or apply a separate product. 

The nutrient-rich oil blend of organic Argan Oil, Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil, Cloud Berry Seed Oil ensures that skin is nourished with essential fatty acids, trace nutrients, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; all while providing mega hydration. This ensures that skin has everything it needs to repair itself during sleep. Pterostilbene, the next-generation form of Resveratrol; one with increased bioavailability and potency, keeps skin looking youthful and taut.

Excess sugar molecules attach themselves to healthy collagen fibers in the skin in a process known as glycation. Glycation is a cause of sagging skin.  An anti-glycation active called ProdiziaTM protects and repairs fibres damaged by glycation. So have that slice of cake and bar of dark chocolate; we've got you covered. 

We recommend using this mask after misting with the Molecular Saviour Toner Mist. Misting before masking will help provide a reservoir of moisture and nutrients as well as increasing the potency of any products used on top. If you've had too much to drink or if you are on a flight, mist another time to give skin a big dose of nutrients and moisture. 

This is great for all skin types and like every Allies of Skin product is Allergy-Tested, Dermatologist-Tested, Non-Acnegenic and Non-Comedogenic. Through our blind clinical tests, this has been shown to reduce non-inflammatory acne lesions by 67.2% in 28 days.  

Buy the 1A Overnight Mask for $109.