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Everyday Miracles: Caffeine

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What Is It?

Caffeine is the key stimulant in drinks such as coffee, tea, chocolate and certain medicines. It has many effects on the body's metabolism, including stimulating the central nervous system. It makes you more alert and give you a boost of energy.


Why We Added It To Our 1A All-Day Mask?

Caffeine reduces cellulite or puffy eyes. When applied to skin, caffeine may have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. As it can penetrate skin’s barrier and has a constricting effect, it also helps to reduce redness. Since no one likes looking tired, we enhanced the 1A All-Day Mask with caffeine because it helps erases fatigue and tightens skin. It is perfect for days when you’ve had one too many drinks the night before and too little sleep. It also means that our 1A All-Day Mask is superb for use on the eye area too as it helps to depuff and reduce excess water-retention.