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Everyday Miracles: Blueberry Extract

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What Is It?

Blueberry along with the acai berry have one of the highest known levels of antioxidants of any food. The ORAC (measurement of the level of antioxidant protection) score of blueberries is an amazing 9,621. Consuming just one cup of blueberries provides these nutrients:

  • Resveratrol
  • Gallic acid
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Vitamin K (36% Daily Value)
  • Vitamin C (25% Daily Value)
  • Manganese (25% Daily Value)
  • Fiber (17% Daily Value)


Blueberries are also rich in phytochemicals that help to neutralize free radicals that damage skin cells. Add proanthocyanidin to the mix, the natural antioxidant that’s proven to fight cancer, help with weight loss and give you glowing young skin, and you get a superfood that we can't get enough of. 


Why We Added It To Our 1A All-Day Mask?

Blueberry revitalizes the skin and hasten healing. Many of the vitamins in blueberries may neutralize oil levels in your skin, making your skin healthier and less likely to accumulate sebum, hence discouraging acne and pimples.

Vitamin A, in particular, is used in a variety of acne-related skin treatments. Besides its powerful antioxidant properties, it also leaves skin feeling younger. Look forward to softer and healthier skin!