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No One Is Perfect. That's Why Pencils Have Erasers. 

Forgive yourself always and move forward. Meanwhile, know that while nobody is perfect, everyone can have beautiful skin #1aalldaymask

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No One Is Perfect. That's Why Pencils Have Erasers. 

#TheAlliesCode is a hashtag used to mark the mantras that we live by. One of our favorite #TheAlliescode posts on social media this week was "No One is perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers." Let’s say that this is a quote which hits particularly close to home for us: after two years of trial and error, trial and error, error, error, error and then success! Nicolas, our founder, came through with a family of products and formulas worthy of sharing with an ally.

This being said, the 1A All-Day Mask is the first product to debut from a family of products that we hope you shall find are your skin’s most faithful allies.

An ally’s mantra is ‘play hard, work harder’ and this is exactly what we did. Now that the tough stuff is done, we felt it only right to celebrate our launch with a special party at The South Beach.

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The South Beach's decor felt like stepping into a kaleidoscope and seeing every color from the crayon box, and then some. We approved. 



Here we were in an ultra modern hotel designed by Phillippe Starck, eating delicious finger sandwiches and pastries and ready to rep. a product we fully believe in, but we could only hope for amazing guests- and amazing guests we had. 

Sara Ann K. had us laughing for ages. She said that before she knew our founder, Nicolas, she recalls noticing him walk out of a facial spa, taking one look at him, and saying to the spa’s cashier- ‘you can sign me up for what he has, I’m buying!’ While we are happy to create a product that let’s us save time and money on facials, we also find it reassuring that Nicolas is not just the mind behind our product, but also the literal face of good skin in Singapore. He says the skin he has today is not something that he grew up with but rather it was his predisposition that encouraged him to create the best skincare regiment.


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Some Science Behind Us

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 He Said, She Said

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#Finally a #beauty #product that does #everything and #well! #AlliesofSkin #AlliesforLife's #1AAllDayMask!

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There's No Place Like Home: Buy Local!

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 It's People That Make Life Special

A lot of amazing pictures were taken throughout the day, but the one below is our favorite social media image because it includes people. It’s not the product that matters so much as the people who use it and how this products make you, our allies, feel.



We chose to celebrate on December 11th because we believe that 11/12 is a significant number for celebrating a 1st. Indeed, day 1 of sharing ourselves with the world was a memorable occasion. We only hope the goodness continues. From the bottom, top, and middle of our hearts (yes, everywhere!) we thank you, friends. 


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