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3 Surefire Ways You Can Erase Dark Spots

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Are dark spots and uneven skin tone casting a dark cloud over your head?

Without a shadow of doubt, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone are two skincare concerns that afflict most of us.

All those times you scrimped on your SPF or picked viciously at a zit? It’s all come back to haunt you, because hell hath no fury like a skin scorned.

But as they say, better late than never. With quantum leaps in skin science technology and a dose of some healthy skincare advice, you too can look forward to brighter skin. 


Apply SPF in the day. Religiously.

Prevention is better than cure and pigmentation can be avoided with just a little common sense. With unprotected sun exposure listed as one of the main culprits behind dark spots, it’s time you start slathering on that sunscreen.

When it comes to choosing sunscreen, and everything else in life for that matter, never settle for less. Only a broad-spectrum sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 will do. Apart from your face, don't forget to apply SPF on your neck area and any other part of the body exposed to the sun.

That being said, relying on the level of SPF alone is not enough. The effects of the active ingredients in your sunscreen wear off over time, so if you're planning on being out the whole day, it's important you remember to re-apply every 1.5 - 2 hours. 

By doing this, you’re not just fending off dark spots, you’re also helping to prevent skin cancer.


Out with the old, in with the new.

As skin cell renewal slows with ageing, dead skin cells pile up on the surface of the epidermis resulting in dull, uneven skin tone. Exfoliating with topical exfoliants containing AHAs like glycolic acid and BHAs like salicylic acid help to slough off dead skin cells and encourage skin cell turnover, revealing a brighter, more even skin tone. 


Get on the retinol train.

Of all the false promises peddled by skincare products claiming an overnight cure, retinol isn’t one of them.

A true promise keeper, Retinol – also known as vitamin A (or God’s gift to the beauty industry) is scientifically proven to accelerate skin cell turnover, helping to fade dark spots faster. Retinol also helps to brighten skin tone and smooth and refine the skin surface. It even works to reverse the signs of sun damage, getting to the root of the problem and fixing it.

Don’t overdo it though. Retinol is a pretty potent ingredient and first time users may experience skin irritation and flaking in the initial stages. We recommend beginning with a lower concentration formula before working your way up to higher concentrations.

A good retinol product to start with would be Allies of Skin 1A™ Overnight Mask.



This formula contains 0.5% Ally-R™, a patented form of retinol that repairs the skin without any of the traditional irritation.

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?