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On Trend: Multitaskers

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One of the bigger skincare trends this year would be multitasking, multi-function products. After all, when you’re leading a fast paced life, it can be a little challenging to find time to pamper yourself the way you deserve it. However, we always believe that you should #treatyourself, and why should lack of time affect that?

Our 1A Masks were created with that philosophy in mind. Ideal products for the modern multi-hyphenate, they suit all skin types, and are designed to seamlessly integrate into your everyday routine. They can be used as a mask, a moisturiser, or mixed into your foundation for a little extra oomph and glow- and it’s perfect to bring on-the-go to the office or on flights.

The 1A Masks were created to accompany and see you through on your skin journey.


The 1A All-Day Mask is rich in nutrients, protecting your skin from impurities with Moringa seed extract, then plumping the skin with Glycoderm, which restores and strengthens your skin’s lipid barrier while simultaneously introducing even more hydration into the skin. Crocus bulb extract also helps to repair and stimulate your skin cells to release growth factors, leaving you with glowing, happy skin. An optimal level of caffeine helps reduce puffiness on the face and around the eye area while tightening and firming the skin.


When you get home froma long day at work or partying the night away, our 1A Overnight Mask will take over the job, boosting your immune functions and combatting the effects of too much partying, alcohol and too little sleep. The Overnight Mask works hard to repair damaged skin overnight with the CXA-6 Panacea Complex, a supercharged blend of different nutrients and ingredients that protect against DNA, oxidative and pollution damage. Coupled with Ally-R, a stabilised form of Retinol (with none of the irritation you would normally get) and super moisturising effects, getting effortlessly flawless skin while sleeping has never been easier. You can expect clearer skin too as it reduces non-inflammatory acne lesions by 67.2% in 28 days.   


You can head over to our shop and check out the 24/7 Kit (which is comprised of our 1A All-Day and Overnight Masks, as well as our Molecular Saviour Toner Mist). Use the code 247ALLY to get $10 off the 24/7 Kit (it ships for free worldwide) or get the 1A Masks individually. Here’s to happy skin!